Sunday, 1 July 2012


This is one of my favourite summer soups, its very simple, requires no cooking, and is probably the most healthy recipe I will ever put on this blog.

I have managed to convert a couple of people to Gazpacho, and I think it is important to think of this not as a cold tomato soup but a completely different dish altogether. A little nugget of Spanish sun.

Everything needs to be roughly chopped so that it can go in a blender, I have done this with my little hand blender but it is a bit easier with a big one.

Peppers – 1 red/1 green
1 onion
Half a cucumber
Couple of cloves of garlic – remember it will be raw so be careful if you are out on the prowl later.
1 Chilli – seeds in or out
10 tomatoes
A good glug of Extra virgin olive oil
Lots of salt and pepper
Handful of basil
Some bread for croutons

Blend up all the ingredients together into a soup-like consistency. It wont be completely smooth due to the skins from the vegetables you can sieve this but to be honest I don’t really bother. Put in the frezzer/fridge to chill.
Make some croutons by frying some bread in oil with garlic and rosemary. You can serve this with some finely chopped cucumber and peppers for some additional texture. 


  1. A friend recommended this blog to me, and i couldn't believe that this blog could possibly be a good as he said, but i have been pleasantly surprised, not only is the food something as elegant and tasty as a Michelin star restaurant but the production quality is something to behold. is it possible to add a recipe? I have a rhubarb gin recipe that i think your would enjoy. Keep up the good work.. your NO1 fan.....

    1. Positive feedback is always lovely to hear. Your gin recipe was well received and from what information i could gather, only directly contributed to 4 hospital admissions last weekend. Bravo.