Sunday, 20 May 2012

Puff Pastry Pizzas

I love a good Sunday roast as much as the next man, but to be honest sometimes on a sunday evening I fancy something a little lighter with limited amounts of prep and even less washing up. These tasty delights are perfect for those occasions when you fancy something comforting.

I am certainly not going to tell you how to make puff pastry, mainly cause I have no idea how to do it myself, and all the smug people on TV tell you that the shop bought stuff is just as good, so this uses a pre-rolled puff pastry (the non-rolled stuff is a little cheaper, so get it if on a budget, and the only thing i need add is... roll it out).

Also this is not really a recipe as who I am to tell you what to have on a pizza, so this is more of an idea.

Puff pastry Pizzas
Pre-rolled puff pastry (you will be able to get this from your 'local/metro/little' supermarket.
Tin of tomatoes/Passata
Clove of garlic (smashed)
Chilli - finely chopped
Ball of decent Mozzarella (buffalo would make it very special).

My favourite toppings:
Parma Ham
Red onion
An egg
Little balls of sausage

But to be honest have whatever you want.

Right pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Cut the puff pastry into the desired shape and size. Line a baking tray with some tin foil and sprinkle with flour.

Gently fry the garlic in some good olive oil in a frying pan and add the tin of tomatoes and chopped chilli, season and let the sauce bubble down for about 15 mins. When the sauce is done let it cool down a bit.

Place the pastry on the floured foil and put in the oven for 5 mins. Take it out and then start building your pizza. Sauce, mozzarella (slice or rip), toppings.

Place in the oven for about 20 minutes and you will have a lovely teatime treat, small ones would be perfect for nibbles (my time in Liverpool has taught me that Canap├ęs is not an acceptable word for small bits of food).

Be brave and crack an egg on top about ten minutes before finishing and you will not be disappointed.

Anyway i do think that this is a cracking light meal so please do give it a try, and any new topping ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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