Monday, 30 April 2012

Poncey Pork and Cider Beans

This french/west-country coalition, has taken a couple of efforts for me to get right, and there have been a few near disasters, but i feel last night it was finally nailed. Do not be fearful of it though, the final product is simple, impressive, and bloody tasty.

 Therefore i give you:- Roquefort stuffed pork fillet, wrapped in pancetta on butter beans leeks and cider.

The butter bean recipe can be adapted and used as an accompaniment for any meat really or as a vegetarian option of its own.

For the Pork
1 pork tenderloin fillet (this is the cut that looks suspiciously like Red Rum's pride and joy).
Roquefort (or dolcelatte cheese)
Pancetta (or smoked streaky bacon)
Sage (you shouldn't need to much as it has a very strong flavour)

Take the pork fillet, and remove the small bit of connective tissue (this is just the long white strand that will shrink when the pork cooks, so removing it will stop the fillet shrivelling up). 
With a small sharp knife make a slice down the length of the fillet and open up the fillet. Crumble a small amount of the blue cheese into the opened fillet. Lay on a couple of sage leaves (you could also use spinach) and reclose. 

Lay out the bacon on a chopping board so it covers the board. Close the pork fillet back up and roll it up in the bacon. Seal off the bacon covered fillet in a hot pan and place in an oven at about 180 for 10-15 mins.
Allow 2-3 minute to rest.

For the Beans
1 tin of butter beans (will do 2 people)
1 diced leek
1 clove of garlic diced
1 glass of dry cider or white wine.
Creme fraiche
Some diced pancetta (optional)

In a frying pan or sauce pan, soften off the leeks garlic and pancetta and plenty of black pepper. Once soft drain half the liquid from the butter beans then add them and the rest of the liquid. Add the alcohol and let it all cook down for about 10 mins on a medium heat. When the butter beans are nice and soft, and just before serving add a couple of tablespoons of the creme fraiche. The beans should have a decent amount of sauce to go with the pork so a separate sauce is not really needed.

Slice the whole pork fillet at an angle and place on top of the beans to serve.

N.B Be careful when seasoning this meal as there are some fairly salty ingredients (cheese/bacon) so season near the end.

Enjoy, and as always any picture of your inventions are most welcome. 
Once i have a decent camera on a phone that is able to do more than text, call and play Snake i will provide you with some pictures of my own (however much i hate amateur food porn).

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